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4FMV is recruiting recruiters.

Help us match ideal candidates with their dream jobs.

4FMV would like to let you in on a little secret:

You can do the right thing and still make money in the recruiting industry.

If you say what you mean and mean what you say, companies and candidates alike will trust you, and choose to work with you above all others. Take a look at what people have said about us if you’re not convinced.

We’re not the only company that claims we put people first, but we’re one of the very few willing to stake our entire brand on it. In fact, we believe our ethical and considerate approach to the business of matching people with fulfilling jobs doesn’t hinder our success, it enables our success. And now we need your help to take it even further.

We are looking for recruiters to help 4FMV grow our roster of knowledgeable, reliable and satisfied candidates and clients. We need ambitious and motivated partners who crave the rare feeling of having a positive impact on every person they connect with. Like the companies we recruit for, we’re on the verge of great things and just need a few more key pieces to help us bring our unique brand of honest, transparent recruiting to the ever-growing list of clients who are clamouring for it.

And the best part? We’re eager to show you how we do it.

What's it like to work with 4FMV?

You're hired!
We enjoy what we do.

There is little that is more rewarding than placing the right person in the right role with the right employer. Career satisfaction and success are among the most important things in life, especially in these rapidly changing economic times. Imagine achieving that for yourself by helping others achieve it for themselves?

We can't say it enough: there’s nothing we love more than a scenario where everybody wins, ourselves included!

Working from home
We enjoy how we do it.

At 4FMV, we don’t compete with each other, we take care of each other. The staffing industry is competitive enough. We don’t need that kind of stress in our internal culture. On our team, you support your colleagues, and they support you. It’s the only way we work.

We don’t waste time with endless commutes to pointless meetings. Like much of the job market these days, we work out of our own homes, on our own terms, at our own pace. We know what we have to do, and it’s up to us how we choose to do it best. We all value our time, both while we’re working and especially while we’re not.

That being said, when you work with 4FMV, you’re never alone—our team is flexible, efficient and always available to support and supplement you, no matter what joys or complexities life throws your way. And one day, someone will call on you for help, and we’ll all share in the success, and you will really know how good it feels to be part of a team like ours.

Shake on it
We’re good at it.

We wouldn’t be looking for you if we weren’t! We are growing and we need talented, high-performing new people to work with.

Our clients and the people we match them with have made it clear time and time again that they want their staffing and recruitment partners to be straight with them, to bring them new ideas and solutions, and to do it all with grace and consideration.

Because that’s what we’re all about, new opportunities are coming our way every day, and we need you to help make them a reality.

Who are we looking for?

Look at the cool things you could be doing
We need people-oriented people.

Anyone who has ever looked for a job, or has had to hire someone, has a little experience with what we do—that’s more or less everyone! That means there are lots of you out there who don’t even know that staffing and recruiting could be the career for you.

We value experience in the industry, but we also value the intangibles that make the 4FMV method such a success: intelligence, compassion, team dynamics, determination, creativity and transparency.

If you think you have the skills and energy to help make these relationships happen, and the desire to participate in such a rewarding field with a team of people who share your values, then we want to talk to you.

why not apply to work with us today?

What would you be doing?

Casually working hard

We need Technical Recruiters to join our growing team.

If you are energetic, self-motivated and goal-oriented, and if you have an ethical instinct and a passion for working with people and helping them work better together, you could be who we are looking for.

You would be responsible for managing the full life cycle of recruitment, which includes:

  • Quick and creative sourcing of candidates: helping us find the most qualified and talented candidates to match with the needs of our client companies in a timely and responsive manner;
  • Process supervision: overseeing every step along a candidate’s hiring timeline, from matching their skills with potential jobs, to helping them polish their CV, to guiding them through interviews, to facilitating all their communication and negotiation with the client, and beyond;
  • Transparent relationship management: making sure that everyone involved in the process is well-informed, well looked after and above all, satisfied with the outcome.
Sealing the deal in a coffee shop

Your role would also include:

  • Communicating with clients to fully understand their needs;
  • Leveraging the 4FMV team’s experience and expertise, along with relevant market data, to advise clients on best staffing practices and processes;
  • Helping to keep our applicant tracking system up to date with the latest recruitment data.

You’re the ideal candidate if you:

  • Can self-motivate and self-direct while also being a responsible team player who understands the benefits of collaboration;
  • Share our ethical and moral values when it comes to treating our clients, our candidates and each other with fairness and transparency;
  • Have an instinct for—or training in—effective recruitment practices;
  • Feel confident mapping out strategies for the delivery of monthly and quarterly goals;
  • Have strong spoken and written communication skills.

Ready to join our team?

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