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Make our team part of your team—when you need us.

  • Do you need to hire quickly but don’t have the time to do the recruiting yourself?
  • Are your Recruiters overwhelmed and in need of some help?
  • Do you have too many open roles for any one Recruiter to handle?
  • Do you find traditional staffing agencies too expensive?
  • Have you considered outsourcing your recruitment process but are afraid of offshoring and/or losing control of the process?

4FMV can help.

We are your your ideal end-to-end recruitment partner.

Our clients rely on us for our professional, personalized service, as well as the company philosophy that gave us our name: effective, affordable recruitment and staffing For Fair Market Value (4FMV).

Now you can leverage our decades of experience, results-tested processes, top-quality candidates and reliable, responsive service as part of your team.

For one hourly rate, you can hand the complicated but critical tasks of the entire recruitment process over to us.

4FMV can help with everything you need but don’t have time to do:

Writing Job Descriptions

Searching for Candidates

Screening Potential Hires

Short-Listing Top Talent

Helping to Interview

Handling Administration

Onboarding New Team Members

And Much More!

Turn us on when you need us. Turn us off when you don't.

What can be better value than peace of mind? Wind us up and let us go. We operate independently, but represent you as part of your team. Scale up or down as your needs evolve over time.

Enjoy your new flexibility, save all the costs of an in-house recruitment team and focus your money and time where it is needed most—your company’s success.

What’s better than fair value? How about extra value?

4FMV and its entire recruitment team is located in Toronto, Canada, and boasts recruitment experience and expertise that is continent-wide. We and the talented people we recruit align seamlessly with your business values and practices—not to mention your time zone.

This facilitates smoother communication, more effective collaboration and more worry-free solutions to your staffing needs.

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