Let's meet the people behind 4FMV.

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david gammon
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I know we can do recruitment better.

I know if you had a choice, you wouldn’t work with another staffing agency ever again. Why would you want to? Our industry has somehow managed to take something as rewarding as helping someone find a new job, or helping a company find a new teammate, and turned it into what can too often be a miserable experience for everyone involved.

This is why we started 4FMV. We are a group of professionals that love recruiting, but we hated the staffing industry. We knew there was a better way, and differentiating ourselves turned out to be simpler than we thought: do the work, tell the truth, and be accountable. By living the principles we call ‘Fair Market Value’, we have steadily grown a loyal client base, a vast network of outstanding candidates, and a very talented, tight-knit team. We know that you can’t beat talented people doing good work.

Ours is not just a feel-good story—it’s a better way to earn and keep your business. If you’re still not convinced, please take a look at what our clients and candidates say about us.

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anne johnston
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I know there's a better way to do this job.

I have spent many years in the world of recruiting—from helping Workopolis get off the ground, to implementing recruiting software (Applicant Tracking Systems and Vendor Management Systems). I have had my share of interactions with staffing agencies. As an operations person, it always surprised me how poorly agencies managed administration. I knew that we could do better, and that’s why I helped to found 4FMV.

Let’s face it, recruiters and sales people are not selected for their ability to manage the details. It’s not sexy and it doesn’t impact the margin on the next deal. But it is essential to supporting our clients, contractors, and candidates, which is essential to our long-term business focus.

I’ve experienced many companies where the forward-facing team and the back office have different goals, and work at cross-purposes. We all have to work together. I believe that to serve clients properly, salespeople and recruiters need a smooth-running operation, providing timely and useful information. At 4FMV, we’ve worked hard to build a team that understands and shares this vision.

Meet the team behind 4FMV QA

Our Quality Assurance team has years of experience making systems and software as good as they can be.