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Your trusted partner for all your QA needs.

4FMV QA Consulting provides comprehensive QA services for businesses across Canada.

We deliver scalable and innovative results at competitive rates. Whatever your project requires—a single QA developer or a complex team solution; fully managed delivery teams or individual expert software engineers—we specialize in solid end-to-end delivery of customized solutions.

Our team of highly responsive, time zone-aligned QA professionals and project managers has 20 years of experience in the industry. We are equipped with the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies to deliver exceptional results.

4FMV QA starts with a solid plan.

Strategy and Planning

Our experienced team works closely with you to develop a customized test strategy that aligns with your objectives and smoothly scales along with the growth of your products and your business.

Design and Execution

Our engineers carefully design and execute test cases, leveraging both manual and automated techniques. We thoroughly test your software across every environment, device, browser, and operating system that could impact a client’s excellent experience with your products.


We harness the power of automation tools to streamline your testing process, enhance efficiency, and reduce time-to-market. Our team has extensive experience in building robust frameworks that can be easily integrated into your existing development workflow.

Manual Testing

When every line of your code needs informed eyes on it, our skilled team ensures precise creation and execution of test cases to validate functionality, ensure usability and identify defects, delivering a reliable and user-friendly product every time.

Performance Testing

We assess the performance and scalability of your applications under all load conditions to ensure they gracefully handle expected user traffic. We help identify bottlenecks and optimize performance, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Security Testing

We conduct comprehensive security assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks in your software applications. Our team follows industry-standard security testing methodologies to help you safeguard sensitive user data and protect your brand reputation.

4FMV QA makes your projects flow.


You tell us your project scope, objectives, key stakeholders and deliverables; we develop a project charter designed specifically for you.


Your development team works with us to understand your software architecture and design; we create a comprehensive test strategy outlining our testing approach and methodologies.

Environment Setup

You help us establish the ideal hardware and software test environment for your products; we configure test servers, databases, and verify that every aspect of the test environment is ready when you are.

Test Design

Your project is evaluated to develop exact test cases for Automation, Performance, Accessibility, CI/CD and Backend; we review and refine every case with you and ensure traceability between test cases and project requirements.


Your project is thoroughly and meticulously tested, following every manual and automatic strategy required to ensure meaningful results; we regularly update you with detailed test reports, including test coverage, pass/fail statistics and defect summaries.


Your project has our custom automated test scrips integrated into your CI/CD pipeline; we continuously update and maintain automated tests as the project evolves.


You work with us to conduct a final test cycle to ensure all requirements have been validated; we provide you with all documentation, conduct a project review, and obtain your feedback and approval for a successful project closure.

4FMV QA leverages the latest technologies:

4FMV QA features a talented, experienced team.

Lev Gorfel
Lev Gorfel

Lev has about 20 years of experience as a QA engineer. Currently, he manages a team of automation developers in Basis, a large North American company. He is experienced in QA methodologies, automation development for web, mobile and desktop platforms, using different programming languages and tools. He also has a wide experience in instruction and training of QA professionals.

Vitaly Skadorva
Vitaly Skadorva

Vitaly is highly skilled QA Automation Consultant (SDET) with 14+ years of experience specializing in designing and implementing automated test strategies for front-end and back-end applications. He is adept at working with multidisciplinary teams in English and French and providing mentorship to desiring QA professionals.

Janna Gorfel
Janna Gorfel (MSc.,PMP)

Janna is a certified Project Manager with over 20 years of experience. She a proven track record of experience of leading long-term projects for international brands, start-ups, Telecom companies. She is also CEO of Legion IT Services and Legion QA Academy.

4FMV QA has a proven track record.

We are a leading provider of comprehensive QA services, offering top-notch solutions to businesses worldwide.

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