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4FMV was created in 2009 by a team of seasoned recruitment professionals—experienced in recruitment advertising, recruitment technology, job boards and payroll—who were disillusioned by the state of our industry.

We found that the most important factor in the relationship between the organizations who need qualified staff and the staffing agencies they are forced to deal with—trust—had eroded, thanks to years of poor communication, dubious processes and bad faith.

Staffing agencies were using the opacity of their closed market to hide over-billing of clients, and to disguise the underpaying of their talent. The more we looked into it, the more it became clear that the short-term gain of un-leveling the playing field was being paid for by the long-term breakdown of trust between everyone involved.

Both sides knew they were being mistreated, but were being offered no alternative to fix a broken system. We knew that there was a real opportunity for a company that could set this situation right, and so we came up with a very simple business model: Fair Market Value.

We mean it when we say we’re not just another agency.

We know Fair Market Value is the best way to build a team.

Looking to hire?

Looking for work?

We know what employers need.

Maybe you’re assembling a team to work on an exciting new product. Maybe you’re refining the group working on your ongoing projects. Maybe you’re desperate for rock-star crunch-time help so you can meet your deadline. Or maybe you’ve just been waiting for that last piece of the puzzle, with the right personality and skills, who will help take you to the next level.

We know what’s at stake.

You need people to get things done. You don’t want to waste time on an inbox overflowing with untargeted resumes. You don’t want to waste time interviewing the wrong people while the perfect candidate slips through the cracks, or gets tired of waiting and moves on. And above all, you don’t want to waste time worrying about dollars and cents when you should be focusing on your work.

You need someone you can trust to properly represent you to the very best candidates, and who will work closely with both parties throughout the process of bringing you together.

We know how to build trust.

We work with select clients and invest the time to get to know all about your projects and your culture. We make the same investment in our network of skilled contractors, making sure their knowledge and their goals line up with yours. We represent all our clients with equal respect, make sure the lines of communication are open, and above all, we promise everyone involved Fair Market Value.

We know what drives you.

When you’re a true professional, your career journey isn’t just about your next gig. Whether you are looking for permanent, project-based or contingency work, you want cutting-edge opportunities to put your hard-earned skills to use with an organization that values your unique contribution.

We know what you’re looking for.

You want an agency that treats you with respect to hook you up with an opportunity worthy of your expertise. You want a work environment that brings out the best in you. And above all, you want to know you are being represented well, treated fairly, and paid appropriately, so you can focus on doing your best work.

We know your industry.

We have built partnerships with a wide selection of the country’s most exciting and advanced organizations, and they trust us to not only provide them with top-quality talent, but also connect them with successful teammates.

We learn about both parties so that we can always match the right person with the right project at the right time.

We know how to bring you together.

We’ll do everything we can to take you to the next stage of your career, and we’ll treat you with the same consideration and compassion that we offer to the employers we’ll connect you with. With 4FMV, everyone can count on Fair Market Value.

4FMV offers our partners our Fair Market Value pledge:

  • 4FMV always keeps our rates and processes open and transparent to all our partners throughout every stage of the recruitment process.
  • We keep up to date with the most current state of the market so we don’t over-bill our clients and we don’t underpay our contractors, and we’ll prove it.
  • We give you someone you can talk to if you need something, or someone you can just trust to go and get the job done.
  • We put in the time to get to know you and how best to represent you to your potential new employer or team member.
  • We pre-screen, interview, brief and follow up with every potential candidate we represent, and support both parties in every communication we arrange.
  • We promise professional staffing with a personal touch, making sure we stay connected with all parties involved to ensure everyone’s satisfaction, and learn how we can increase it in the future.
  • We always ensure to represent the companies we recruit for and the candidates we recruit for them with equal effort, integrity and transparency. We have no bench-warmers, no second-class citizens and we work to ensure the playing field is level for everyone.
  • We’re constantly researching and refreshing our knowledge and expertise so that all our partners can be sure we’re all at the forefront of our industry.
  • We provide all the data you need from your partner agency, including salary surveys, VMS, On-Site Recruitment, Payroll Services and Reporting, and more.

You don’t have to take our word for it.

Here’s what some of our partners have to say about their experience with 4FMV:


    I have been working with both Jodi and David for over three years. Previously as a candidate and now as a client and the experience has been excellent.

    I can confidently say that they have developed a refreshing approach in an industry that is sorely lacking in their professionalism and honesty. As a candidate, they provided me with the opportunity to work with an excellent organization and now as a client they provide me with top industry talent and manage the entire process from start to finish.

    I highly recommend 4FMV to professionals looking for work and to organizations looking for a staffing partner that you can trust. You are in good hands with 4FMV.


    I can only sum up my experience working with 4FMV as the apex of quality and professionalism. As a candidate, I was treated with the utmost care from Day 1.

    Dharmesh had reached out to me with an opportunity that he thought was a good fit based on my skills and experiences. I had never worked with an agency before, but Dharmesh helped me understand the opportunity, and asked the right questions to ensure a fit between both parties.

    In addition, Dharmesh helped me immensely by:

    • Taking the time to work with my busy schedule and meeting close to my home at the time of my convenience;
    • Navigating the complexities of my current career path and compensation compared to the new opportunity;
    • Ensuring effective coordination between the company and me for interviews;
    • Pro-actively following up with both the company and myself post-interview to evaluate how things went.

    Overall, I felt that I was in great hands and would recommend 4FMV 100%.


    Jodi and I have worked together on a number of contracts, and I can honestly say that he and his organization, 4FMV, are trustworthy, open, and effective.

    Through my experience as a business analyst and writing about job search advice in my bestselling book, Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job Search, I have met and worked with a number of recruitment firms.

    I know that when Jodi joined forces with 4FMV as a partner and VP of sales/operations that it was their mandate to truly try and change the IT staffing market. They focus on building strong relationships through trust and transparency with fair and open margins, rates, and so on.

    It is clear to me that 4FMV is committed to building long-term relationships built on these standard and processes. They are a breath of fresh air in the industry.


    4FMV’s personalized touch insured I was a match with the company, both before and during the interview with them.

    I had made Dharmesh’s acquaintance while looking for a change of direction in my career as a SQL database administrator.  Ultimately, we were able to find a position that was a good fit, with a company he and 4FMV have a good relationship with.


    Jodi and 4FMV have become my go-to professionals for building technology teams.

    Jodi came highly recommended to me 10 years ago by a respected colleague. Since then, he and 4FMV have exhibited the highest standards in trust and transparency that have led to a very positive hiring experience for both me and the candidates they represent.


    One thing that stood out was professionalism: 4FMV showed they have what it takes to guide their clients from the initial hiring stage all the way through to the final selection process.

    From the initial call from 4FMV, I could immediately feel they were committed to their clients and would provide the much-needed support that would help me get my first job in Canada.

    It all played out rather quickly. I was consistently guided and supported throughout the recruitment process. They told me what I needed to know and set me up for a successful interview.

    In my experience, there is no doubt about their credentials as one of the best recruiting agencies around.

    My experience is a practical example of connecting a job seeker to the "right employer."


    I have been working with the 4FMV Team over the last year and can say my experience with the team has been one of true professionalism, expertise and a great sense of urgency.

    Their knowledge of our recruitment requirements amazes me. Most of our roles are rather complex in nature, but they fully understand all the details of the role and spend time diligently searching out the most suitable candidates for these roles.

    The team at 4FMV are an absolute pleasure to work with!


    4FMV are not your typical, run-of-the-mill talent acquisition specialists who only see for the bare minimum of time.

    I have known Dharmesh for a few years. We have worked together on several positions. In every case, Dharmesh was transparent and quick to respond, and even after he found me work, he continued to follow up and has been flexible with the time and venue of our meetings. It was great working with 4FMV.

    I continue to bounce ideas off Dharmesh and use him as my leadership coach!


    4FMV has been a very reliable and valuable partner to both myself and the organization.

    They really understand who we are and what we want in the way of talent, as well as the fit of the individuals that will thrive in our environment.

    I have been working with Jodi for a number of years now and I can always rely on him and his team to make my life easier by helping me find the right people that make my life easier.


    I was introduced to Jodi and 4FMV a couple years ago by a colleague who recommended their services.

    Since that time, I have been working with 4FMV and I am very happy with the level of commitment and transparency that they provide me. They are easy to work with, they are there when I need them, they provide great services and I trust them.

    I would recommend Jodi and his team to anyone looking for a staffing partner.

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